Happy Pumpkin Cookies for Halloween

Happy Pumpkin Cookies for Halloween
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Easy to Make Happy Jack o Lantern Cookies for Halloween. This cookie design will delight children of all ages.


  • You Will Need:
  • your favorite sugar cookie (or other roll-able and cut-able cookie dough recipe)
  • buttercream icing
  • food coloring
  • decorating bags and tips
  • pumpkin shaped cookie cutter


  1. Each cookie serves 1
  2. Make your favorite sugar cookie or roll-out cookie recipe. Cut with Pumpkin Cookie Cutter, bake and cool.
  3. Make your favorite buttercream icing recipe. Tint some of the icing orange, some white and some black.
  4. Frost cookies smooth in orange, using spatula to create section lines.
  5. Pipe in tip 2 mouth in black icing. Add tip 3 dot cheeks and nose in orange icing. Pipe tip 10 ball eyes in white icing.. Add tip 1 dot pupils in black icing. Pipe tip 1 teeth in white icing. Pipe in stem with tip 2 in green icing. Add tip 3 outline eyelids and facial lines in orange icing.
  6. Note: Some of the features, such as eyes and teeth can be made from colored fondant.