Frankenstein Cookies for Halloween

Frankenstein Cookies for Halloween
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Easy to Make Frankenstein Cookies for Halloween. A fun and easy cookie design from the party divas at


  • You Will Need:
  • your favorite sugar cookie (or other roll-able and cut-able cookie dough recipe)
  • royal icing
  • food coloring
  • decorating bags and tips
  • tombstone shaped cookie cutter


  1. Each cookie serves 1
  2. Make your favorite sugar cookie dough or purchase from deli section at your grocery store. Turn tombstone cookie cutter (Wilton) upside down to decorate. Pipe in mouth with Tip 2 in black. Add Tip 4 ball eyes in white. Pipe Tip 3 ball nose and nostrils in Leaf Green/Lemon Yellow combination. Add Tip 3 hair in black. Pipe Tip 1 dot pupils in black. Add Tip 2 outline eyelids in green/yellow. Pipe Tip 1 zigzag scar in black.
  3. Tint a portion of icing gray using black color; build up neck bolts with tip 4.
  4. Add tip 1 teeth in white.