Easy Chocolate Nut Clusters

Easy Chocolate Nut Clusters
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Recipe for Chocolate Nut Clusters. What could be easier than just stirring chopped nuts into left over melted chocolate or candy melts?


  • chocolate and/or white chocolate candy melts or chocolate
  • nuts, dried fruits, coconut, marshmallows, corn flakes or any combo thereof
  • optional melted white chocolate tinted* (we used red and green in the photo at right)


  1. Makes about 4 dozen spoons
  2. Melt candy melts in microwave, double boiler or oven set on lowest temperature. Or follow directions to melt and temper chocolate.
  3. * To tint chocolate or candy melts do not use regular food colorings (both liquid and paste) -- they will cause the candy to "seize" and get grainy. Use only special powder or gel candy colors.
  4. Stir in nuts and other desired ingredients. Spoon small mounds onto waxed paper and let dry. If desired, you can color some of the melted white chocolate (or use it white) and drizzle it decoratively over the clusters as in the photos above and below. Order Candy Making Supplies Candy melts, candy colors, chocolate molds and more.