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Food Smoking and Barbecue Basics

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Smoking or or true Barbecue Basics. Many people equate barbecue with grilling but true barbecue cooked is cooked long a t slow...

How to Make Multi-Colored Borders on Cakes

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How to Make Multi-Colored Borders on Cakes. Have you ever wondered how bakery cakes get those cool two and three color borders? The...

How To Decorate Cookies

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Cookie Decorating 101. This step-by-step photo tutorials illustrates how to make exquisite decorated cookies using the flood or...

How to Put Any Picture on a Cake

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How to Put Pictures on Decorated Cakes. Our photo tutorial teaches how you can put just about line drawing on a decorated cake...

Cake Decorating Basics

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Cake Decorating Basics. Here's the essentials on how to bake a flat cake and make a perfectly smooth iced canvas for further cake...