5 Food gifts you can make for under $10

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Don’t feel like braving the stores or internet for gifts this year? That’s OK. You can give a gift from the heart and not overly stress your wallet.

5 Food gifts you can make for under $10

Giving a homemade gift sends a special message: that you care about the person. That you are willing to take your most valuable resource, your time, and make something with your hands rather than go online and buy a generic gift card. They're thoughtful and heartwarming.

No one has to know you spent less than 10 bucks a person!

Infused vodka

Infusing vodka is simple. All you need to do is buy yourself one large bottle and a few smaller, festive bottles (look for something on sale at a department store). Right after Thanksgiving, put citrus peel and juice in each smaller bottle and fill with vodka. Around Christmas time, you'll have a spirit that everyone will love.

BBQ rubs

If you're known for being handy around a smoker, throw together some BBQ rub that can help your less-grill-handy friends make some excellent meat. If you don't want to give away your secret recipe, that's OK — just throw together some brown sugar, salt and smoky paprika with whatever spices you think sound good, package in festive bags and you have a gift that people will love to use throughout the year.

Instant hot chocolate with a kick

Take two cups of powdered milk and powdered sugar and mix in one cup of cocoa powder. Add in about one tablespoon each of cayenne and cornstarch and finish your mix with two tablespoons of dried orange peel. Pour into holiday-themed plastic bags and you have a fine drink that will warm the most frigid tongue.

Peppermint sugar candies

Mix one cup of sugar, one-half cup of corn syrup, one cup of cup water and a half-tablespoon of peppermint extract together and bring to a boil. When a small amount of the mixture forms a ball in cold water, it's ready. Lay it out and let it set. Break into icicle shapes.

Good balsamic

Make balsamic dressing that tastes like it came from Italy by boiling two cups of store-bought balsamic dressing, one-half cup of brown sugar and the juice and zest of two oranges. The dressing is ready once it starts to turn thick. Let it cool, then pour into festive bottles and give as gifts.

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