2013 Foodie gift buyers' guide

10 Unique, funny and creative gifts for the foodie on your list

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2013 has unleashed a number of cool, new food gadgets. Here are a few that make great gifts for the gourmet in your life.

2013 Foodie gift buyers' guide

Do you have a gourmet you know and you want to buy her the perfect gift? Are you afraid she already has everything she could possibly want? Fear not! 2013 was a pretty amazing year for producing cool food gadgets that are great for any gift budget. Here are 10 unique, funny or thoughtful gifts that will be the favorite of that special foodie this holiday season.

Hand juicer

For about $5, you can unlock the juicing potential of any fruit with the hand juicer. This amazing contraption has one end you stick into a whole lemon, lime or orange and the other end has a spray nozzle. All you need to do is press the button and watch as fresh juice blesses your favorite foodie's dish.

Gyro bowl

The gift for the foodie who likes physics or has kids. The gyro bowl consists of a plastic bowl that is loosely attached to a moveable plastic ring. Give the bowl a spin and it will stay upright, making for a cool dining experience/science experiment. Even better, your foodie friends' babies (aka foodies in training) can give that bowl a spin and not cause food to go flying everywhere. Each bowl costs around $15 for two from the official site or about $10 from many retailers.

Decorating pen

Do you have a friend who loves cake decorating? For $15 you can arm them with a decorating pen. It's essentially an efficient, directed device to put pressure on a piping bag, but it's also a less-mess, less-waste way to make beautiful designs on cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Fancy cake kits

“Fancy” doesn't quite describe these cake kits. Maybe “amazingly cool?” What they let you do is make tie-dye cakes, create cupcakes composed of multiple layers of other cakes and generally do cake designs in the middle of the cake. Wilton is the big name in these cakes, but there are others, too. They start at about $16 a kit.

Fred's The OCD Chef Cutting Board

For around $30, you can help out your favorite slightly-or-not-so-slightly obsessive cook get every one of their measurements correct. The OCD cutting board looks a lot like a piece of graph paper or a whole bunch of rulers that have been set into a beechwood cutting board. Now, those chefs that have to get every cut exactly right will have a cutting board to help them do just that.

Food-of-the-month memberships

While the concept of the food-of-the-month club has been around for a while, there are new clubs popping up every month (and what they offer is different every month, too.). If you're just not sure what to do for your favorite foodies, why not sign them up to get hot sauce, lobster tails or bacon every 30 days. These memberships are cool and usually start around $50 a month.

Perfect Portions Digital Scale

For around $50, the healthful foodie can get the best tool they'll ever need. The Perfect Portions scale can not only weigh the food (that's so last year), so it can also provide calories, fat calories, total fat, carbs, protein and other nutritional information based on the food it's weighing. Your favorite foodie will never need another scale again.

Egg Minder

How would your friends like their refrigerators to tell them when they need to buy more eggs? That's exactly what the Egg Minder will do. It's a wired egg storage system that will alert their smartphones when eggs are running low and it's time to go the store. The Egg Minder runs around $70.

Home soda maker

For anywhere from $80 to $400, you can gift someone with the greatest tool in home refreshment since the kegerator: the home soda machine. All that foodie needs is some water and some syrup and she can make herself any type of soda she'll love in just a few quick seconds.

What your foodies won't get for themselves

Last, but not least, if you're not sure what to get your favorite foodie, buy them something you know they love. If their favorite food is salami, nuts, fried chicken, cumquats, whatever… buy them a bag. Sometimes foodies are so busy being foodies that they forget to buy what they know they enjoy. That's when you can step in and get them exactly what they want.

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