5 Gifts for the foodie father

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If your dad loves to cook, he'll love one of these gifts.

5 Gifts for the foodie father

Foodie dads love foodie gadgets.

See, the thing about most guys is that they like tools and they like to tinker, but not every dad likes to tinker in the garage. Some would prefer to do their work in the kitchen. For those dads, here's the perfect gift list of toys they'll love to get this Father's Day.

Ceramic grill

Show Dad you really love him this year by shelling out a lot of money for a ceramic grill. Right now, these grills are some of the hottest things going in outdoor cookery because they can produce truly exceptional food in less time and with less effort. Once Dad gets the hang of how to use his new grill, expect him to bring forth everything from succulent chicken to wonderfully smoky scrambled eggs.

Cooking classes for Dad

Invest in Dad's education like he invested in yours with a cooking class. Make sure he knows that you're not giving him the class because he's bad at cooking, but rather because he loves it and wants to explore new ways to rock at it. Depending on whether your dad is a loner or not, you might even take the class with him!

Bacon of the month club

Nothing says “I love you” like a fresh batch of pork fat every month! Seriously, what dad (and family) wouldn't love a brand new bacon showing up every 30 days? The culinary possibilities are amazing since Dad will feel obligated to fix something with bacon and, hopefully, he'll be nice enough to share with the rest of the family.

Sushi fish knife

Sushi is edible art that can only be mastered through experiment and skill. Start your dad down the journey toward sushi chef stardom with a simple Japanese fish knife. You want a long, thin blade that extends into the bamboo handle. If you have a bigger dad, look for a heavier knife. If not, go with something that requires more finesse. Pair this gift with a sushi mat and some nori and you'll have homemade sushi in your future.

A food mill

Food mills are retro, but they’re coming back for a reason: there are just some foods that are better milled than blended or thrown into a food processer. Even better, a basic food mill is pretty cheap, but can still be used to make delicious sauces, break down vegetables and a ton of other culinary uses. If you can, find a metal one since they last a lot longer.

Now get out there and enjoy Father's day with flavor!

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