5 Gifts for the foodie mom

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What should you get the mom who loves food almost as much as she loves being a mom?

5 Gifts for the foodie mom

Does your mom love to cook? Is she a true wizard of the kitchen that world-famous chefs could only hope to be? Show her how much you appreciated your favorite dish when you were sick or sad as a kid with one of these foodie mom-inspired gifts. They're exactly what she wants this Mother's Day… well, that and for you to call more often!

Chocolate of the month club

OK, it may be a little cliché to say that all moms love chocolate, but if your mom does love it, give her the Mother's Day gift that arrives every month. There are plenty of clubs out there that will fit most gift budgets and, even better, some clubs will give mom chocolate powders and other things she can use as ingredients in her cooking. Maybe she'll even whip you up a cake or some cookies!

A tablet computer… no really

Depending on how tech savvy your mom is, this may sound like a really bad idea, but foodie moms can get a lot of mileage out of a small tablet computer. Given the explosion of recipes on the internet, a lot of moms are finding their next cooking project from a website instead of a cookbook. In a lot of cases, moms don't print out the recipes, opting instead to walk back and forth from the computer to the kitchen. A small tablet, especially in a waterproof case, will let Mom have her recipe right there in front of her. Even better, you can load the tablet with recipe apps and Pinterest so she can get lots of ideas to make you!

Ingredient containers that match her kitchen

If your mom cares about the appearance of her kitchen at all, buy her ingredient containers that match her decor. Even a basic set of flour and sugar jars add a nice flair to the room and are practical in that they often save cabinet space. Even better, they're not very expensive at just about any store that sells kitchen supplies, even Walmart.

A mother-child cooking class

Want to show Mom you appreciate her? Spend some time cooking with her at your local cooking school. You don't have to have a specific mother-child class — just find a course both of you will find interesting and take it together. It's instant bonding time for parents and children. However, when you give this gift, make sure you let your mom know you're going to be there, too, otherwise she might think you're saying something bad about her cooking!

Crazy colored can opener

Sure, a can opener is kind of the foodie mom equivalent of giving Mom a vacuum cleaner, but we're going to make it fun by finding one with crazy colored handles or designs. This makes the gift a bit more fun, and face it, you can never have enough can openers when you really need them.

Still, if can openers aren't your mom's thing, look for colorful spatulas, ladles, whisks or other fun kitchen tools.

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