Throw a wine, music and food pairing party

We pair our booze with food so why not with music, too?

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Have a music pairing and wine/booze tasting party with these simple tips and suggestions.

Gather some of your favorite songs and ask your guests to do the same. Set up a playlist to complement the party tastings/moods. Chances are, your next door neighbors or your best friends might not have the same "favorite bands/singers" that you do. This is what makes your party so much fun. You get to introduce each other to your personal favorites and perhaps learn some new genres. If you are serving a spicy meal, opt for a tequila or beer tasting.

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Serving a risotto with pork tenderloin? Maybe you could pair your meal with an Argentina malbec or a sweet riesling. Another fun option of course is to host a tapas party. With this, you could dance it up with the Gipsy Kings and Shakira will keep hips moving while you enjoy finger foods and sangria. Consider a cheese tray of various types of cheese from mild to strong. Start the night with cheese and favorite songs from your childhood. Find out what each guest remembers being their "first dance" song, and play that to get the laughter rolling!

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Are you grilling out? Serve a variety of martinis — from an orange creamsicle martini to a raspberry vodka Cosmo, and pick a favorite among the vodka flavors. If you have a mixed crowd of the guys and the gals, have multiple beers. From light lagers to a hoppy, India Pale Ale, offer a variety of beers and play some fun Top 40 hits from the '90s. If you are hosting a seafood themed party, play fun island tunes like Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffett, and keep the blender running with frozen concoctions like banana daiquiris or frozen strawberry margaritas. Themed parties can seem stressful, as just gathering with your friends is reason enough to throw a party, but maybe you could have a "tropical shirt" contest, or see who has the best limbo abilities, and between the food, music and drinks, your friends will vote you the winner for best party host!

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When it comes to the music, anything is game! Your favorite band might be Mumford and Sons, and your Kenny Chesney country loving friends may have never heard of Mumford and Sons. Ask for your friends to put their favorites on a CD or everyone brings their iPhones/iPods to place on the music dock to mix up the evening. This could be fun, funny and even downright hilarious. For all you know, the straight-laced accountant who is dating your neighbor might be a closet Lady Gaga fan. Your tattooed brother-in-law could know every lyric to every Taylor Swift song. The point is, you can never judge a book by its cover... be it food, music or booze. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

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