Etsy roundup: Cutest coffee and tea cups

Finding the perfect cup

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Etsy is a global marketplace where crafty entrepreneurs sell their handmade goods. We’re featuring a selection of super cute coffee cups that’ll make sipping your morning cup of joe or hot tea seem extra special.

We don’t know why, but the type of mug used to drink a cup of coffee can greatly enhance the overall experience. Perhaps it’s the way the mug feels in your hand, how hot it keeps your coffee or even the psychological boost you get from drinking out of a cup in your favorite color, but people tend to latch on to their favorite cups and never want to let go. See which ones from Etsy you should be adding to your collection.

Back Bay Pottery MugMore is more

If you’re serious about your caffeine intake, then you probably don’t want to mess around with teeny tiny cups. This large ceramic mug from Etsy store Back Bay Pottery holds 20 oz of liquid. Described as a “man mug,” the handles are wide enough to accommodate a large hand. The design might be big enough to keep guys happy, but the handmade stoneware with aqua turquoise finish will win fans among the ladies.

From Me To You mugsThe perfect pair

A beaming bride-to-be would be thrilled to receive a pair of Mr. and Mrs. Coffee mugs at a bridal shower. Hand painted by Etsy store From Me To You, each piece is slightly unique. The black and white color combo not only looks crisp and fresh, it is neutral enough to go along with any décor. Create a gift basket by including a French press, grinder and a bag of locally roasted coffee beans.

Bread and Badger cupOne for the road

Have you fallen in love with the mustache trend yet? This mustache travel mug is a fabulous way to embrace the trend, since the black and white graphics give it a chic look. The mug was designed by husband and wife team Sean and Amanda Siska of Etsy store Bread and Badger. The ceramic mug is BPA free and reusable so you can feel good about the cup you’re drinking out of. Pick up a full set of mustache mugs to keep at home.

Daily Grinder mugGetting centered

When life’s stress has got you overwhelmed, pour yourself a piping cup of java, take a deep breath and give yourself a little coffee break. Need a reminder to not stress out? Etsy seller Daily Grinder has a reminder to “Keep calm and drink coffee.” Sometimes all you need is to focus on the simple task at hand and your worries will melt away.

Whether you pick up a full set of coffee mugs to share with the family or look for that one unique cup you can call your own, make sure it has personality and will give you an additional reason to smile while enjoying your morning brew.

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