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If you thought that getting dinner on the table was just about the food, think again. Professional chefs know that presentation is almost as important as what’s on the plate, and that it all starts with the dinnerware. Get the scoop on the latest dinnerware trends to impress your guests and make your family smile.

While your classic wedding china will never go out of style, consider freshening up your dinnerware collection with some of the latest trends. From eco-friendly products to unusual serving pieces, small touches can make a big difference. Besides being pretty to look at, exceptional or unusual dinnerware can make a great conversation piece.

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A gorgeous way to breathe new life onto your table is with elegant but natural colors and handmade pieces. "Glazed, handcrafted dinnerware is a very popular
 trend right now," explains Elizabeth Lamont, interior decorator and owner of Room at the Beach Malibu. Check out this gorgeous dinnerware set in ocean blue with variegated glazing that is perfect for weeknights as well as entertaining. Made with minerals and natural pigments and fired at an extremely high temperature, these plates and bowls are sturdy as well as attractive.


Luckily for the environment, the eco-friendly ethos is everywhere, including dinnerware. And lucky for us it looks great! Check out these Bambu plates and serving dishes made with bamboo and other renewable materials. For kids take a look at Rooware, which makes eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic dinnerware for kids. With bright colors and fun cartoon characters, your little ones will love this addition to the dinner table. Plus the pieces are adjustable so they grow with your child, removing the need to constantly get new dinnerware as they grow.

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Fiesta Sol Dinnerware


Nothing cheers up a room like bright colors, and they are turning up in a big way in the dining room. Mix and match your favorite colors with this Festival Sol dinnerware from Viva Terra in lime, orange, turquoise and red. As a bonus, these glossy plates and bowls are also eco-friendly and made from recycled glass.

bike dinnerware


Not just for kids' stuff any more, cute prints and patterns are showing up on trendy dishware all over the place. Owls make for a popular graphic, like in this bowl set from ModCloth or these West Elm dessert plates. Bicycles are another popular print these days like in these Fishs Eddy pieces, while polka dots add whimsy to any table setting. For some real fun, check out these vibrant print collections from French Bull in patterns like multiplaid and sunshine wheel.


Finally, forget the ceramics and think outside the box for truly memorable dinnerware. "We are finding the 'hottest' thing in dinnerware to be beautiful, pink Himalayan salt squares and blocks," say Elisse & Dan Clark of the Elkhorn Inn & Theatre. "They can be used cold for salads, sushi, sashimi, etc. and heated in the oven for searing and cooking seafood, fish, meat and vegetables at the table. They're easy to use and care for, and they are beautiful!"

Twilight dinnerware set


Now you can recreate scenes from your favorite movies with Hollywood-inspired dinnerware. Designer-end event planner Tammy Carmona elegantly set the table in the wedding scene in Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1, and now fans can purchase the Twilight by Carmona set. The custom-crafted set is classic white but with asymmetrical shapes for a modern flare.

What new dinnerware trends have you noticed? Let us know in the comments below!

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