5 Gadgets for a better scrambled, sunny-side-up or over-easy breakfast

Egg-cellent tools for better breakfasts

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Who doesn’t pick up a carton of eggs every time they go to the store? They’re a kitchen staple that we just can’t live without. But cooking an egg exactly the right way isn’t always easy. These five tools will help you get the perfect egg every time.

Egg Rings

Whether you're looking for an egg sized just right for your English muffin breakfast or just enjoy the beautiful presentation of a perfectly circular sunny-side-up, an egg ring will help you get the shape and size you want. Egg rings come in multiple sizes so you'll always get it right. Just place your egg ring in your pan and crack the egg inside, then cook until done.

The Whisk

It may be disappointingly low-tech, but the key to the perfect scramble really is the common, ordinary whisk. Why? To get fluffy scrambled eggs you need to add air, and since you can't just sprinkle in a teaspoon of it, you need a whisk to incorporate it.

For the perfect scramble, beat your eggs in a much larger bowl than you think you need (to avoid splashing) and use a circular motion that's perpendicular to the rim of the bowl, rather than using a traditional stirring motion. Beat the eggs for one or two minutes until they're frothy and evenly colored. Feel free to add a splash of milk if you prefer them less dense. Just don't over-beat them.

Egg Turner

At first glance, an egg turner looks very much like a spatula, but its raised edge on one side helps you achieve over-easy without breaking the delicate yolk. It's the best way to ensure you get that ooey-gooey yolk you love dipping your hash browns in.

Microwave Egg Cookers

There are several brands of microwave egg cookers on the market (many of them made of silicone), but they all serve a similar purpose — to quickly and easily make a delicious breakfast scramble in a matter of minutes. You can even use a coffee mug or other microwave-safe dish you already own! Just scramble the eggs and pour them into the cup or device. You can add cooked bacon or sausage, veggies or cheeses. Then microwave them for one or two minutes and you're ready to put it on a bagel and walk out the door.

Egg Poachers

If you like your eggs sunny-side-up, you should also try a poached egg. A sunny-side-up egg is a fried egg cooked only on one side. A poached egg tastes very similar, but doesn't require the use of butter or oil. Instead, you submerge the cracked egg in boiling water and allow it to cook. Egg poachers make it easy to cook and remove your poached eggs from the boiling water.

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