The best gadgets to spruce up your salads

Tools to make salad-creation easy

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Salads are a fresh and yummy way to get your daily vitamins and a taste of your favorite fruits, veggies and meats. But all that chopping can get really time-consuming, especially in a complex salad. Fortunately, your fellow salad-lovers have invented a host of gadgets to make your salads as easy-to-make as they are delicious.

Herb scissors or mill

If you keep an herb garden, whether it's fresh or dried for the winter, herb scissors and mills make it fast and easy to add a little punch to your salad. Whether it's the crisp taste of fresh cilantro or the earthy flavor of dried oregano, these convenient accessories will let you add a little spice to your salad in a matter of seconds.

Immersion blender or salad-dressing maker

Making your own salad dressing can be a pain. You have to mix it just the right way to ensure it combines or it's just a separated oil-and-vinegary mess. Using a salad-dressing maker or immersion (stick) blender will solve that problem. Simply pour your ingredients into the special bowl (that comes with the dressing maker and some immersion blenders) or another suitably-sized container and let the device do the hard work. You'll finish with a smooth and well-combined dressing that isn't a pain in the wrist.

Tomato slicer

The biggest problem you'll have when making the perfect salad is getting the perfectly-sliced tomato. Use a hand-held tomato slicer to ensure your tomatoes are evenly sliced (without being squished) every time. You can also use it to cut perfect boiled egg and mushroom slices.

Four-in-one avocado tool

If you're getting bored with salads coated in dressings that mask the fresh flavor of your veggies, a bit of sliced or smashed avocado is just what the chef ordered. Skip the dressing and go with the creamy goodness of avocado. Use an avocado tool to peel, pit and mash if desired.

Vegetable twister

When it comes to veggies, potatoes no longer hold the patent on spiral cuts. You can use this fun gadget to make your salads as interesting to look at as they are delish. Use a vegetable twister to make cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, carrots and other fresh-cut twists the main event on your favorite salads.

Vegetable chopper

If your favorite salad has more than a few ingredients, a vegetable chopper is your new best friend. With a spring base and blades that rotate, it can chop anything from vegetables and fruits to nuts, herbs and more. It's perfect for salads, which generally don't require a precision cut on any ingredient.

Three-blade vegetable peeler

Cut all your fruits, veggies and zests without risking any dangerous nicks or cuts to your hands with a three-blade peeler. With this fun gadget, you can peel, slice and julienne as needed.

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