Functional and stylish modern kitchen cover-ups

These aprons do more than just keep your clothes clean!

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Not all aprons have to be frilly and cute, though there's certainly nothing wrong with that. No, some aprons can be frilly, cute AND functional. Here are four appealing aprons that do more than just look good!

Just Perfect, Inc. has created and trademarked the Zip&Dry apron. The bottom of this bib apron zips off and becomes a handy towel, though you can certainly leave it attached and simply wipe your hands on it as you would a traditional apron. Other colors, including dark blue or pink on red, are available, and this innovative apron will cost you $29.95.

Zip&Dry Apron

Similarly, Royal VKB has created a bib apron with built-in padded oven mitts. On top of all that cleverness, there are two buttons on the waist from which one can hang towels or other kitchen necessities! The elastic back ensures that one size can fit anyone, and this apron can be found in black, blue, or gray hues. For $32, this is a great find!

Apron with Built-In Oven Mitts

For the environmentally-conscious, these bib aprons from Stanley & Sons are the perfect find. They're made from reclaimed materials like denim, pup tents, and even conveyor belts. They aren't cheap (prices start as low as $120), but each apron is hand-made to order, and just think of the conversation-starting potential! Mother Earth will thank you.

Reclaimed Materials Apron

Finally, Suck UK has created this all-in-one apron cooking guide. The sketched guide on the apron includes things like conversions, a cooking glossary, proper cooking times for vegetables, and appropriate roasting times for various types of poultry. What a relief--you can finally get rid of that besmudged and tattered piece of paper containing the conversion from grams to cups! This is a company based in the UK, so shipping prices may be a factor, but the cost of the apron alone is £15, which, since conversions are the topic of the day, is about $23.50.

Cooking Guide Apron

See? Aprons are good for more than just looking pretty and protecting your clothes from grease splatter, clouds of flour, or other kitchen messes! They can be functional and multi-purpose, too.

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