Restaurant-style aprons that protect

Whether you need full coverage or only half, here are some of your options.

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Many types of aprons are worn in the restaurant industry, from those shielding the entire body to those covering only half. Here are some examples of each that should help you decide what is needed for your purposes.

Striped Bib ApronsIM Embroidery Bib Aprons

Bib apron

Bib aprons are what one traditionally envisions when aprons are mentioned — they have straps around both the neck and the waist. These aprons can have pockets or not, be round-necked, square-necked, or v-necked, and be short or long. Many are simply one color, but some have stripes, as these from Chef Works, while others can be personalized with embroidered hearts, animals or flowers, like those from IM Embroidery. One can spend as little as $5 on a bib apron, though nicer options are more expensive.

Vested Cobbler ApronBistro Apron
Cobbler apron (left) and Bistro apron (right)

Cobbler apron

An alternative to the bib apron is the cobbler apron. It resembles a smock and is put on over the head and tied at the sides. It covers only the top half of one's body. Cobbler aprons, like these from Aprons For You, can be vested, pocketed, square-necked or V-necked and come in any color or fabric you can imagine. While you can spend anywhere from $10-$40 on a cobbler apron, they're easy to make for yourself too!

Bistro apron

Bistro aprons are another option. These are like skirted aprons, but longer and a bit more functional. They tie at the waist and generally have a large center pocket or two side pockets. Like most aprons, bistro aprons can be found in nearly any color. The price range for is usually from $5-$30.

Scalloped waist apronScalloped Waist Apron

One final skirt-style apron that the restaurant industry often employs is the scalloped waist apron. It's similar to the bistro apron, but the hem is curved and it is often shorter. If a waist apron is what you desire but you aren't fond of the scalloped edge, less frilly options are available. Prices for these waist aprons run from $5-$20.

Whatever your restaurant apron needs, there's a style for you. Even the most exotic or eccentric of themes can be matched to a fitting apron. It's important to note that for most retailers, the higher the quantity, the more reasonable the price.

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