Aphrodisiac foods to get you in the mood

Exotic eats to spice up your night!

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Want an easy way to add some za-za-zoom to date night? Forget the toys or the Ron Jeremy films and just eat a plate of oysters, some guacamole, a banana split or a tart bowl of pomegranate seeds, to add some butterflies to your bedroom! What's easier than that?

In addition to those foods, there's another very popular treat that has also been proven to increase libido, and it's celebrated (and eaten) for a big upcoming holiday -- chocolate! Chocolate is extremely popular on Feb. 14 and is also classified as an aphrodisiac food. What else will spice up your love life? Check out the foods below!


If you are looking to get in the mood, look no further than that big plate of guacamole! The Vitamin E found in these soft superfoods helps your body produce hormones like: testosterone, estrogen and progesterone, which have been proven to stimulate sexual responses, especially in women. If avocados aren't your thing, asparagus delivers the same effect.


These slimy seafood favorites are one of the most well known aphrodisiac foods out there, and almost any Valentine's Day menu in a restaurant will feature them as a starter course. Why? These shellfish are loaded with the mineral zinc, which has been linked to a higher production of testosterone, a hormone that ups sex drive in both men and women.


Your favorite fruit and go-to breakfast is giving you more than just a healthy alternative to the apple! The banana is loaded with potassium, a vitamin that has been known to increase muscle strength. How does that relate to sex? Studies have shown that women with a higher percentage of muscle versus fat experience more intense orgasms. Plus, what is sexier than a phallic shaped fruit?


These lesser known aphrodisiac foods are surging with popularity for their health reasons -- one, being rich in many disease fighting antioxidants. However, these antioxidants do more than fight disease. They also protect the lining of blood vessels, which improves sensitivity in many organs, including the genitals. This means, the more pom you eat, the more pleasure you'll feel down there.


One of the most popular and the most well known aphrodisiac is chocolate! With each bite of the milky, sweet stuff, you get a mouth-full of phenylethylamine, a chemical that works as a stimulant. The stimulant will make you feel excited and satisfied -- two emotions tied often with sexual intercourse.

Pumpkin seeds

These fruits are useful for more than just Jack O'Lanterns and pumpkin pies! Each pumpkin is filled with seeds, which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3, which is also found in salmon and some nuts, like walnuts, helps keep production of sex hormones (like testosterone) at its peak.


Think this fruit is only good for a low calorie summer treat? Think again! This water packed fruit contains citrulline, which causes an uptick in the amount of nitrous oxide produced by the body. Nitrous oxide causes blood vessels and muscles to relax and simultaneously speed up circulation, which means you will get aroused and ready quicker. Forget the foreplay, grab a watermelon for a quick mood enhancer!


In addition to loosening you up and reducing your inhibitions, wine is also a great relaxer. However, just because it's relaxing doesn't mean it doesn't also work hard to stimulate our senses. In addition, wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that helps circulation, which helps boost blood flow during and before sexual intercourse.

This Valentine's Day, grab a glass of wine and one of these saucy foods to improve your sex life and increase your libido!

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