Looftlighter fire lighting tool

Get fire fast without the fluid

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Looftlighter is the perfect gift for the grill master who has everything. Looftlighter resembles an over-sized curling iron, and when you touch the tip to coals or wood, you'll have a crackling fire within 60 seconds — without lighter fluid.

Shopping for the grill master who has everything can ruin anyone's holiday season. If you think they've already bought everything they want, get ready to finally hear more than just a polite thanks this Christmas. You might even see eyes light up as bright as the fire this gadget creates! The Looftlighter will have any outdoor cook burning with desire to try it out as soon as possible — even if it means cooking your holiday dinner outside in negative-degree weather.

It may resemble something you use to put the finishing touches on your updo, but the Looftlighter is one of the handiest gadgets to have around the house if your grill gets more use than your stove certain times of the year. Its patented hot airstream process ignites without the use of chemicals or lighter fluid in just a minute — which means you get only grilled-in flavor and no chemically aftertaste. It doesn't throw a flame and cools down quickly after use, so it's safer than many other grill lighters on the market. (Amazon, $80)

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