The ultimate food thermometer: Thermapen

Professional-grade food thermometer for home cooks

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Thanksgiving cooks need a food thermometer. We think Thermapen is the best food thermometer for cooks who want the best, most professional results.

Every perfect turkey has one thing in common — a cook with a good thermometer. Ditch the plastic buttons and the touch test and opt for a scientific temperature reading even Bill Nye himself would approve of.

The Thermapen is a digital, state-of-the-art, super-fast and highly accurate food thermometer that gives you a precise reading in a flash. It's been used in commercial kitchens, by state health inspectors and early-adopter foodies — and is now being embraced by home cooks.

Because the quality of your food, the juiciness of the bird, the precise pink in the center of a steak (and much more) depends on cooking food at the right temperature, consider stocking your kitchen with the ultimate food thermometer. It even comes in a variety of colors! (ThermoWorks, $90)

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