The FruitGuys TakeHome box

Seasonal produce shipped to your doorstep

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Need fresh produce in a pinch? The FruitGuys TakeHome case is a great solution if you don't have a local farmers market or are too busy to get it yourself.

If you're miles from a local farmers market or just too busy to shop for local, fresh produce, The FruitGuys might be just the solution. The FruitGuys ship fresh, regional, organic produce directly to your door!

Available in three different varieties — fruit & veggie, fruit only and veggie only — the TakeHome is designed for those who don't have easy access to fresh produce. It comes in several sizes and is customized to four different U.S. regions. You can even choose an office or home option.

Their eco-friendly packaging is made from post-consumer recycled cardboard and printed with soy-based inks. It can even be returned to the factory for reuse up to six times! It's a great program that allows your family to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of honest labor while supporting small family farms.

But the fresh produce isn't all you get. They also send you a fun newsletter with every box that includes a pictorial guide to the produce (including the location of the farm it was grown on), preparation and storage tips and recipes to use the produce in the mix you receive. (The FruitGuys, prices vary) 

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