Book Review: “Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler”

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Book Review: “Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler”
Feeding a baby can be nerve-racking; parents worry about every bite and every new flavor, texture, and stage—it’s enough to drive a parent bonkers. A new book, “Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler,” by Jeannette L. Bessinger, certified holistic health counselor (CHHC), with Tracee Yablon-Brenner, registered dietician and CHHC, attempts to demystify feeding kids with an encouraging, informative book.

“Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler” jumps right into the thick of things, talking about the obesity epidemic and how parents can reduce their children’s risk with early preventive measures. The book talks about feeding babies and toddlers (as the name suggests), emphasizing fresh, healthy, and “real” choices—forget the processed foods and go whole foods.

Having trouble getting your picky eater to eat? This book has several suggestions, such as modeling behavior, and goes deep into the how and why, so that you can truly understand why you are doing what you are doing. For instance, should you wash produce? Yes, even if it’s prewashed or frozen (the extra step can’t hurt).

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This book is so packed with information and facts that it can be overwhelming; however, instead of treating this as a sit-down-and-read book, this should be read as you go, which makes the information easier to absorb.

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What’s really impressive about the book is that it doesn’t just cover baby foods or toddler foods, it also covers food for kids up to age three (aka food everyone can eat). From banana oat muffins to creamy salmon casserole, the recipes in this book are healthy and accessible. The accompanying nutritional facts also help to make the health of the recipes clear.

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All in all, if you are searching for a good book on feeding young kids, this is a great option.

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