Pumpkin carving and decorating tools

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Check out these special kits for creating the spooky masterpiece of your dreams.
One of the highlights of every Halloween is sitting down with a pumpkin and creating a fanciful, or scary, or plain old creepy carving. But what tools should you be using? Check out these special kits for creating the spooky masterpiece of your dreams.

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Pumpkin Carving Kits

Pumpkin Masters' kits – These popular kits include patterns for carving pumpkins that are pretty easy to follow. From witches on broomsticks to wacky faces, they definitely have something for everyone. The downside? Don’t expect to get more than one holiday out of the tools with this kit, the thin metal blades and plastic handles won’t survive more than a couple of carvings. Prices range from around $5 to $15 for kits and tools, so this is definitely an affordable option.

Martha Stewart Collection Pumpkin Carving Kit – If it’s from Martha Stewart, it has to be good, right? Well, this kit of tools—all with a more appealing wooden handle—sure look impressive, but when Serious Eats tested the kit last year, they were less than impressed—apparently even Martha’s tools come with flimsy blades. And, for $34.99, wouldn’t you expect a lot more?

Dremel 7000-PK 6-Volt Pumpkin Carving Kit – Looking for a little more growl with your pumpkin carving this year? Check out this awesome power tool. Once you’ve opened your pumpkin (the old fashioned way—with a kitchen knife), this tool will help you create an amazing design by removing layers of the flesh from the outside of the pumpkin. You won’t be carving all the way through, instead, it’s all about etching in the design for a shadowed, creepy work of art. At $19.99 on Amazon, this tool looks like a great bet for a fabulous pumpkin design.

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