Lunch boat tote and wristlet

Take it with you in style

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Rachael Ray's All-in-one Tote with Lunch Boat Tote and Wristlet is a fab fave here at FabFood. It will make even the most boring leftovers taste gourmet.

Brown-bagging it seems so, well, childish! This super-stylish tote set is the best way for busy professionals on-the-go to carry their lunch to work. It has a hidden pull-out liner and shoulder straps, high-density thermal insulation, a Therma-Flect radiant barrier and a leak proof, antimicrobial lining. It's the perfect tote to carry all your workday essentials, including your warm or cold lunch (which it will keep warm or cold until you're ready to eat).

The expandable top makes it great for those days when you have a few extra items with you. Best of all, it can double as an eco-friendly shopping bag. But you don't have to stop there. The tote can also be used as an airplane carry-on, a coordinated book and lunch bag for school, a maternity go-bag to grab on your way out the door when the big moment comes and more.

The full set comes with the tote bag, lunch bag and wristlet. Buy them together or separately in a variety of colors on Ebay.

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