Slimware plates

These plate do portion-control right

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Slimware portion-control plates give you a gentle visual reminder to eat healthy portions. Join the ranks of skinny celebs including Tori Spelling, Judith Light, Kendra Wilkinson, Emily Procter, Kathy Griffin, Rene Russo, Ashlee Simpson, Jennie Garth and more, who use this amazing no-diet tool.

We all know the rule: If you eat less, you weigh less. And now there's a smart set of plates that help you eat healthy portion sizes. While these plates are great for dieters, too, we think they're one of the best tools around to help those on the post-diet end to keep the weight off (and to help the skinny stay that way).

Slimware plates have adorable designs that remind you, simply, to eat healthy portion sizes. The biggest element in the design, be it a flower or more contemporary circle, is the section for your veggies. The next size down is for your protein and the smallest one is for your carbs. See, it couldn't be simpler!

Join the ranks of skinny celebs who use the Slimware plates to help them keep those killer figures. It comes in several fun and stylish designs and doubles as a great way to teach your kids up front to avoid the bad habits you've developed. (Slimware, prices vary)

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