Pop Art toaster

Have your toast in style

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These cute Pop Art toasters leave a stencil on every piece of bread you toast. This is how you serve breakfast — with attitude.

Who wouldn't love a bit of attitude or love with their morning nibbles? Pop Art makes it possible with these adorable toaster stencils that put a little bit of personality on every slice. You may have seen Pop Art featured on The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon got a bit addicted to making Cylon toast.

With their cool stencil plates, these toasters can be customized to add any message to breakfast your little heart desires. They've got stencils for drama queens and even hearts and personal monogram stencils for the bride-to-be. But we have to confess — we think bite me just says it all! It's a fun little splurge for your own blah morning routine or a neat-o gift. (Pop Art, prices vary)

If toast isn't your thing, they also have a variety of specialized products, including a tabletop appliance that will bake breads, muffins, pancakes and more into a variety of kid-friendly shapes. You can also add a little love to your lunch with a sandwich maker featuring adorable characters from the Pixar classic Cars.

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