How to roast a perfect chicken

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Easy tips to roast a perfect chicken.
Who doesn’t love roast chicken? This fabulous way to prepare chicken imparts wonderful flavor. And, in reality, it’s easy. Give yourself about an hour and a half roast the chicken, and then get ready for a mouthwatering dinner.

Best of all, roast chicken leftovers are easy to transform into other dinners. Use the meat to make chicken soup, chicken salad, wraps, and more.

Now, how do you get that perfect roast chicken?

1. Rub it with a little fat

You will want to use a fat, such as softened butter or a little olive oil, to rub all over the skin and underneath it. This will promote browning and a crisp skin.

2. Season it

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get ultra fancy here. You just want to impart some flavor into the meat, so rub seasonings under the skin such as paprika, garlic, and herbs. Also, salt and pepper the bird generously all over (including in the cavity).

3. Consider stuffing it

Not with stuffing though—herbs, garlic, and citrus, all stuffed into the cavity can infuse the chicken with some wonderful flavor. Discard these things when you are done cooking.

4. Cooking

Cook chicken on a rack so that the fat can drain away from the bird. The best way to cook it is at a high temperature for a short time (I usually do 450 degrees F for 15 minutes). Then, reduce the heat and let it cook until done.

5. Use a thermometer

Not sure if your bird is done? A thermometer will help. Pierce the middle of the thigh, it's done if it registers 170 degrees F.

6. Let it rest

Before you carve the chicken, it needs to sit for 10 minutes. Why? This allows the juices to be absorbed so that you have juicy, tender, flavorful chicken. If you cut it sooner, the juices will run out and the meat won’t be as tasty.