New cupcake ideas from the pros

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If you've got cupcake fever check out these new cupcake ideas from the pros.

Everyone's caught cupcake fever. So if you're looking for new and fun cupcake ideas from the pros for your next delicious cupcake adventure, read on.

Big things come in small packages. Small, individually wrapped packages and topped with delicious frosting, fun shapes, and sometimes even sprinkles.  Yes, right now there is no bigger dessert craze than cupcakes.

Over the past few years they’ve gone from homeroom snack to gourmet staple, with cupcake stores appearing on every street corner, master bakers producing volumes of cupcake recipes and designs, and cupcakes have even found their own show on the Food Network, "Cupcake Wars."

Even better, cupcake fans can rejoice because their favorite treats are far from fading from their exalted culinary heights. Quite the opposite, in fact! Every day, more cupcake bakeries are opening and thousands of cupcake artists are creating new flavors, new styles and new sensations. 

The demands of cupcake creativity

And the best way to divine the future of cupcakes is to ask those on the front lines of this food trend. Both Sugar Mama’s, a bakery in downtown Overland Pak, KS, and Renee Kloeblen of Takes the Cake in Shawnee, KS were asked to look into the future of trends in cupcake artistry.

Renee and the team at Sugar Mama’s agreed that part of being in the cupcake business is constantly pushing the envelope of cupcake flavors. They feel they always need to be more creative, to come up with new flavors, and to offer unique flavors and designs.

Filled cupcakes

This undoubtedly fueled the creative urge in Sugar Mama’s when they created their line of filled cupcakes (think Hostess cupcakes, but instead of just white cream, they are filled with strawberry jam, sour apple ooze, chocolate-mint ganache, or key lime filling.)  It also had to have inspired some of their flavors, like the PB no J and their cotton-candy frosted Princess cupcakes.  It also prompted Renee to create her alcohol flavored margarita, strawberry daiquiri, and Baileys (with crème de menthe) cupcakes.

Traditional cupcakes with a twist

On the other hand, both Sugar Mama’s, which has a traditional storefront, and Renee, who delivers her cupcakes and caters events, feel the need to preserve the traditional cupcakes everyone loves.  Whether it is for cupcake purists, men, who Renee says tend to like more simple combinations, or children, who may just want chocolate or vanilla, there is a push to maintain the old flavor combinations.  However, this does not mean that the traditional cupcakes can’t be spruced up a bit.  Or as Renee says, the push is “taking what’s normal, but giving it that something extra.”

Fruity Pebbles cupcakes?

How do these two forces in the world of cupcakes translate into specific trends for cupcakes in the future?  Look for more cupcakes that blend the cutting edge and the familiar at the same time.  One way that both Sugar Mama’s and Renee do this is by taking popular flavors and turning them into new cupcakes.  This can mean Sugar Mama’s Cookies and Cream and Root Beer Float cupcakes or Renee’s mixed drink-inspired creations.  It can also mean Renee’s Fruity Pebbles cupcakes, which took first prize in a local baking competition.

Of course, it also means more chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing, too.  But it means using more fresh ingredients like Renee does or using different types of chocolate and fudge, like Sugar Mama’s.

Ultimately, this is good news whether you are a fan of simple cupcakes or if you want an amazing flavor no one has thought of yet.  No matter what, when you go to the bakery, there’ll be a cupcake for you.

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