Cookies to Die For

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Cookbook review of Cookies to Die For -- The Complete Guide for Cookie Lovers by Bev Shaffer, plus free sample cookie recipes.
In a worthy follow up to her decadent Brownies to Die For, chef and author Bev Shaffer now tackles the immense subject of cookies -- in all their glorious forms.  A virtual encyclopedia of the cookie, this is the only cookie reference you're likely to ever need.  Of course you'll find all your traditional favorite, but you'll also discover many new recipes that are sure to be added to your regular baking repertoire.

Of course this book would be indispensable during the holidays, but with nearly 200 cookie recipes, there's plenty here to provide treats all year long.  The book is beautifully produced and includes lot of gorgeous full color photos to inspire you to get baking.

Chapters Inlcude:
Cookie Bites; Cookie Basics; Rolled, Cut, Shaped and Pressed Cookies; New Classics; Refrigerator and Bar Cookies; Cookies with a Heritage; Celebration Cookies; Filled, Scoop, and Drop Cookies.

Sample Recipes -- Check This Book Out!

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