The Vegan Lunchbox

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Cookbook review of The Vegan Lunchbox - 130 Amazing Animal-Free Lunches Kids and Grown-Ups Will Love, plus free sample vegan lunchbox recipes.
I can't speak highly enough about this book.  Anyone, kid or adult, vegetarian or omnivore, who totes their lunch along to work or school (or who wants to), can benefit from Jennifer McCann's inspired and creative collection of menus and recipes that will turn lunchtime into an event to look forward to.  You'll never settle for the same old peanut butter and jelly sandwich again!

Not just recipes, Jennifer presents tons of lunchtime menus made from the recipes in the book (in case you don't want to take the time to meal plan on your own).  Each balanced menu includes whole grains, protein, fruit, vegetables, a significant amount of calcium, and dessert (who doesn't love dessert).  Pack the menu into a lunchbox and your family will have a complete healthy and wholesome meal come the lunch hour. 

While the food is definitely kid friendly, the recipes are sophisticated enough to appeal to food savvy adults too.

The menus are further broken down into the following categories, so you can tailor the lunches you make to the amount of time you have:
  • Quick and Easy -- menus that are fast, simple and convenient.
  • Rise and Shine -- menus for those morning when you have more time to make it great!
  • Ready and Waiting -- menus you can prepare the night before so lunch will be ready and waiting in the morning.
  • Lunch Box Adventures -- fun exotic lunch menus from around the world.
  • Special Occasions -- lunchbox creations for special days including birthdays, holidays and even graduation.

Recipe chapters include: Appetizers and Snacks; Salads and Dressings; Dips, Sauces and Spreads; Soups and Stews' Sandwiches; Mains; Veggie and Bean Sides; Breads and Muffins; Desserts; Beverages.

Sample Recipes -- Check This Book Out!

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Author Jennifer McCann also pens the Vegan Lunchbox blog where you can visit for lots more great Vegan Lunchbox ideas.