The 100 Greatest Desserts of the South

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Cookbook review of The 100 Greatest Desserts of the South, plus free sample Southern dessert recipes.
Southern hospitality is the stuff of legend and I maintain a big component of what makes it legendary are the desserts typically served at Southern social functions.  Nobody does sweet like America's southern hosts and hostesses.

This collection, brought to you by one of the South's preiminent publishers, Pelican Press, brings you an eclectic variety of Southern dessert traditions.  Native Southern authors Mary Leigh Furrh and Jo Barksdale combed through vintage cookbooks and family files; and talked famous Southern restaurants and cooks into parting with cherished recipes, in order to compile the best of the best.

As with many vintage recipes, some of these lack the details that less experienced cooks may crave, which is the book's only downfall.  Nonetheless, you;ll find tons of tasty dessert ideas in these pages.

Chapters include: Cakes; Candies and Confections; Cookies and Small Cakes; Cstards, Pddings and Molds; Fruit Desserts; Ice Cream and Dessert Beverages; Pies and Cobblers.

Sample Recipes -- Check This Book Out!

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