500 Barbecue Dishes

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Cookbook review of 5500 Barbecue Dishes, the only Barbecue Compendium You'll Ever Need by Paul Kirk, plus a free sample grilling recipe.
The title of this book is a bit misleading, it doesn't refer to barbecue in the true  long slow cooking with smoke definition of the word, but rather refers to grilling.  As a book of grilling recipes (don't expect to learn how to smoke meats here), you have a HUGE variety of recipes to choose from -- everything from classic favorites to new takes on an old theme. There are full color photos of most of the recipes and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Each recipe comes with three variations, so it's sure you'll never run out of grill recipes to try.

Chapters include: Sizzling Appetizers; Flaming Fish and Shellfish; Chargrilled CHicken and Poultry; Perfect Pork and Lamb; Succelent Beef; Vegetarian Bites; Salads and Sides; Sweet Sizzlers.

Sample Recipe -- Check This Book Out!
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