Jewish Holiday Cooking

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Book review of Jewish Holiday Cooking - A food Lover's Treasury of Classics and Improvisations by Jayne Cohen.
This could be the definitive guide for all your Jewish holiday celebrations.  As much history and tutorials as it is a cookbook, author Jayne Cohen covers Jewish holidays throughout the year, as well as the weekly Sabbath.  Along with over 200 kosher recipes, the author's commentary on each food's history and symbolic meanings make for informative and fascinating reading that can help to enhance the overall holiday's experience for you and your family.

You'll find time honored traditional recipes along with Cohen's nouvelle takes on Jewish cooking, adapted for today's sophisticated and often health conscious palates.

Those doing host/hotess duties will appreciate her menu's, that take the stress out of planning for holiday gatherings.  Each recipe is conveniently coded to indicate whether it is meat, dairy or pareve, although more often than not Cohen provides variations to accommodate all needs.

Chapters Include:The Jewish Kitchen; Pantry and Procedures; Sabbath; Rosh Hashanah; Breaking the Yom Kippur Fast; Sukkot; Hanukkah; Purim; Passover; Shavuot.

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