Dremel Rotary Tool Pumpkin Carving Kit

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Consumer product review if the Dremel Cordless Pumpkin Carving Kit. This rotary tool makes it easy to carve just the outer orange layer of your umpkin, leaving an eerie yellow glow behind.

Take your pumpkin up to a whole new lever with the Dremel pumpkin carving kit.  This small battery operated rotary tool carves off layers of pumpkin flesh to let the light glow through (unlike traditional pumpkin carving that cuts all the way through the pumpkin).  You can shave off a little or a lot depending on the effect you want and how intricate you want to go.

If you have any artistic ability at all you will love this tool, as it's almost as easy as drawing with a pen once you get used to it.  The rest of us can still  get great results by using a pattern (several are included with the kit and we have lots of free patterns on this website as well).

Powered by four AA batteries, it's got two speeds for superior pumpkin-stock removal, 6,000 and 12,000 rpm, so it's not a child's toy.