How to Make Big Fluffy Round Bows

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How to make Big Fluffy Round Bows. Use your favorite ribbon and these techniques to turn out bows for gift wraps, Christmas Tree toppers or whatever your imagination comes up with.

These big fluffy bows are great to use on packages, in centerpieces, or even as Christmas tree topper.  You can make them as large or as small as you need by differing the length of the bow loops, and make it as full as you like by adding more loops.  It's all up to you.

For a bow that really holds its shape, use wired edged ribbon (we did in the photo below).  This bow will work with regular ribbon too, it will just give you a softer look.

ribbon -- the amount you need will depend on the size bow you want
a wire tie like those used to close bread or produce bags
a piece of cardstock, double the length of a single bow loop
Gather your supplies.  For a template, cut a length of cardstock that double the length you want a single loop on the bow to be.

how to make big fluffy ribbon bows

Using your template, begin wrapping the ribbon around.  The more times you wrap, the fuller your finished bow will be.  For the bow in the photo we wrapped about 8 times.

how to make big fluffy ribbon bows

Holding the ends, carefully remove the wrapped ribbons from the cardstock template.  Flatten out the wrapped ribbons, then take your scissors and cut a small notch in the middle of the ribbon, one notch cut from each side.  This step is optional, you can often get away without it, but it will make finishing the bow a little easier.

how to make big fluffy ribbon bows

Use the wire tie to cinch the ribbon together where you cut the notches.

how to make big fluffy ribbon bows

Now it''s time to separate the loops.  Grab the top loop and pull it away from the others, giving it a half-twist as you do so.  Continue separating and twisting the loops until they're all separated.


Arrange and fluff out the loops to make a full bow like in the photo below.

how to make big fluffy ribbon bows

Use as a Tree Topper
Don't limit these bows to gift packages.  The blue tree below shows one of these bows being used as a topper for a Christmas tree.

how to make big fluffy ribbon bows for christmas tree toppers