How To Carve A Watermelon Whale

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How To Carve A Watermelon Whale. Here is an easy first watermelon carving project that the kids will love.
Chef Harvey Rosen, author of the most comprehensive series of garnishing books ever compiled, created this spectacular fruit salad filled watermelon centerpiece for the National Watermelon Promotion Board (who shared the instructions with us). It's an easy first project that kids will love!
1 oblong watermelon

sharp pointed utensil
sharp knife
large spoon
dried flowers

melon baller and V shaped cutting tool, optional*

Serves: A Lot!

1. Choose a large, oblong watermelon for this project.

whale pattern, watermelon carving2. Cut a thin slice from the bottom to provide a stable base. Draw the outlines for the whale as shown in the drawing at right.

3. Use a knife or decorating tool to cut the decorated edges on the side, and a knife to cut the tail and head. Cut all the way through the rind.

4. Remove the top section of rind; it can be cut into pieces to make removal easier.

5. Carve the mouth and eyes, cutting only into the green outer layer.

6. Cut a small, deep hole for a blowhole; inserting dried flowers for the water spout.

7. Hollow the shell; fill with approx. 4 cups of fruit salad.

Tip from our Readers:

watermelon and picnic recipes Carole, a Fabulous Foodie from Milford, Connecticut sent in the following tip:

"I just read your instructions for making a watermelon basket filled with fruit. I've made watermelon baskets and one of the problems I've encountered is liquid from the fruits collecting in the bottom of the "basket" which makes the fruit soggy. I corrected this problem with the last basket I made by putting "drainage" holes in the bottom of the watermelon after hollowing it out and before filling with the fruit. I then put the basket in a large oval roasting pan filled with ice cubes (to keep the fruit cold), and the water from the fruit drained into the pan along with the melting ice. This kept the fruit in the basket from getting soggy. Thought you might be able to use this idea.

Melon Baller and V-Shaped Cutting Tool

These optional tools can help easily give your watermelon carvings a professional, polished look. Also great for other garnishing jobs too.

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