Elizabeth Falkner's Demolition Desserts: Recipes from Citizen Cake

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Cookbook review of Elizabeth Faulkner's Demolition Desserts plus free sample recipes.

Anyone looking to make show stopping, reputation making desserts that will wow the pants off dinner guests needs 2006 Bon Appetit Pastry Chef of the Year Elizabeth Faulkner's new book. Faulkner, who has been wowing San Franciscans with her bakeries Citizen Cake and Citizen Cupcake and fine dining restaurant Orson, now puts some of her (and her customer's) favorite dessert and drink recipes into print for the first time.

Be aware that most of the recipes, unlike the two simple ones we've reprinted here, are complex multi-component works of culinary art. True no one component is that tough to make, but these are not desserts you will whip on a whim one night before dinner. That said, Faulkner makes the process seem simple, breaking it down into small manageable steps and even including a timeline so you can prepare ahead as much as possible - often the entire dish can be completely prepare in advance. Frankie Frankeny's mouth watering photos will further induce you to put the recipe to the test in your own kitchen.

Chapters include: A Study in Chocolate Chip Cookies; The Chocolate Crawl; Fruitscapes; Construction Zone (demolishing dessert stereotypes); Citizen Cake Classics; Citizen Cupcakes; Sip This; Core Recipes.

Sample Recipes -- Check This Book Out!
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