Tantalizing Tamales

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Cookbook review of Tantalizing Tamales by Gwyneth Doland,plus free sample tamale recipes.

Part of Rio Nuevo Publisher's fabulous Cook West series that celebrates the ingredients of the west, this book deals with the American West's favorite celebration food - Tamales.

This small book packs a powerfully eclectic collection of tamale recipes using both sweet and savory ingredients. If you've never made tamales before, there are better books for first timers with photos instructions for wrapping and assembling that this book lacks (or you can click to our online Tamale Tutorial here at FabulousFoods.com for more detailed how to's). However, you will find lots of new delicious recipes - 50 in all - that will add to your tamale making reputation. We really like the variety here, including lots of different masa styles, including vegetarian (see sample recipes) and heart healthy versions.

Chapters include: Making Masa; Savory Tamales; Sweet Tamales; Sauces for Tamales.

Sample Recipes -- Check This Book Out!
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