Soda Club Home Soda Maker

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Consumer product review of the Soda Club Home Soda Making System

soda club home soda making systemIf, like me, you are a soda aficionado (or even addict), you'll love this sleek looking, easy to use gadget that turns ordinary tap or bottled water into seltzer in seconds.

Just add a capful of flavoring and you've got your favorite flavor of soda. The array is staggering. While we liked the traditional colas and lemon-lime, we especially appreciated being able to make unique flavors at home like Orange Mango, Apple Peach and Cream Soda.

All of the flavor club mixers contain less sugar, carbs and sodium than their store bought counterparts, but Soda Club also offers seven sugar-free flavors. We liked them all, but our favorites are Cranberry Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit. At zero carbs and ultra low cal, these sodas are refreshing drinks or make great mixers for low carb cocktails.

Low carb or otherwise, a Soda Club system is handy to have around if you entertain at home. You'll never run out of soft drinks or mixers again -- they eve make Tonic and Ginger Ale flavored syrups.

Each Soda Mix flavoring bottle makes twelve one-liter bottles of soda. You can also get variety packs of a variety of flavors. Each carbonating canister makes 110 liters of seltzer and you can easily get new canisters or refills via the Soda Club website.

The system is quick and easy to put together and simple to use. The Soda Club appliance can save you money and space and save the environment the waste of cans and bottles.

Soda Club Home Soda Makers come with a 3 year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

The company is also incredibly quick and efficient when it comes to filling orders. I recently bought more bottles and syrup and the order arrived so quickly, I didn't think it could possibly be -- but it was.

Review by Cheri Sicard