William Bounds Stainless-Steel Tapered Pepper Mill

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Consumer product review of the William Bounds Stainless-Steel Tapered Pepper Mill

With sleek chrome contemporary design, this mill -- available as a pepper or salt mill -- beautifully combines form with function.

The clear acrylic body shows at a glance how much salt or pepper is in the mill. The large crank turns smoothly to mill fine, medium or coarse grains. If I had any criticism of the product, it would be that the fine pepper grains really aren't very fine, but since I use coarse in most instances, it doesn't really matter.

I especially appreciated the ease in which you can re-fill this mill. I remember tossing out a competitor's brand a year or two ago for the simple reason that it was way to difficult to re-fill. Not so here!

With no interlocking metal teeth, the mechanism crushes rather grainds, making for better flavor in your food and a more durable, longer lasting pepper mill.