Zyliss TA-1 Rapid Food Chopper

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Consumer product review of the Zyliss A-1 Rapid Food Chopper

We loved the theory of these handy little hand choppers, but many of the brands we used in the past proved difficult to take apart, clean and put back together. Not so with the Zyliss brand. Parts fit together and come apart easily, and a simple swish through the dish and rinse water are all it takes to keep the stainless steel blades clean.

The blades automatically rotate to chop food more efficiently -- the more you press down on the handle, the finer your food is chopped. The container holds a 1 cup capacity, and the sturdy food grade plastic base begates the need for a cutting board. The enclosed lid even makes it easy to pop the chopper in the fridge for easy food storage.

This is the perfect gadget for chopping small amounts of foods -- like garlic cloves, shallots, onions or celery. It's quick and easy to use, making your time in the kitchen more efficient and is a great alternative to bringing out a big food processor to accomplish small kitchen tasks. Its compact, space saving design also makes it particularly appropriate for RV or boat kitchens.