Shrimp Butler

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Consumer product review of the Shrimp Butler shrimp cleaning and deveining kitchen gadget

If you love to cook shrimp at home, you'll love the Shrimp Butler.

No more messy work, no more torn shrimp. With one turn of the crank, this handy gadget's patented razors split the shrimp shell (making it east to peel) and deveins your shrimp. It literally takes less than a second per shrimp and the Shrimp Butler can easily accommodate any size shrimp, from small to extra large, cooked or raw. You'll get a clean perfect cut right down the center of shrimp with every part of the shrimp meat preserved.

Your hands never come near the sharp implements, making this gadget not only easy to use, but safe. Clean up is a breeze -- just pop it in the dishwasher. Manufactured and assembled in the USA.