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Consumer product review of the Toss and Chop kitchen chopping gadget

We were skeptical when we first saw this gadget. We just didn't see how it could really work. We were wrong.

If you need to make a chopped salad, bowl of salsa, or chop veggies like onions, peppers or a host of others, nothing is quicker, easier or neater than the Toss & Chop.

Simple, safe and easy-to-use, the patented Toss & Chop is a unique tool designed to quickly chop salads, vegetables, fruits and much more, right in the bowl. Made of high-quality, heat-treated stainless steel with micro-serrated edges that will never require sharpening, the Toss & Chop will serve you well for years and years.

The powerful choppers work like scissors -- albeit razor sharp, double bladed scissors. This is no kid's toy (although it certainly is much safer than chopping with a knife). This is a powerful cutting tool made easy to operate by its solid construction and ergonomic design.

Cleanup is just as easy -- just rinse under a faucet and lock the blades closed for storage. A touch of a button frees them for their next chopping chore.

Want to make a chopped salad? Throw all the ingredients into a bowl -- vegetables, meats. cheeses -- then just cut until you have the consistency you want. Ditto for making salsa, chopping onions, making cole slaw, etc.

It's that easy. No knives, no cutting boards. Just snip up a salad. It's true this gadget has limited uses. But it does its job so quickly and easily and it's so easy to clean-up and store, it's well worth adding to your kitchen tool collection. This one's a keeper that you'll find yourself using over and over again to simplify food preparation.

The Toss & Chop doesn't take up much storage space and those in small space kitchens, along with campers, boaters and RVers, will especially appreciate its "make it in the serving bowl" ease of use.

As convenient as the Toss & Chop is on the road, Fabulous Foods staffers were amazed at how often we used our Tossed & Chops at home. Editor Cheri Sicard frequently throws together impromptu low carb salads for lunch or dinner. "It takes me about a quarter of the time it used to turn out a perfect chopped salad, and I have less dishes and utensils to wash afterward" she observes.

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