Tilia FoodSaver System

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Consumer product review of the Tilia FoodSaver System

Why do you need a Food Saver? Because it will save you money. I was skeptical, this isn't a cheap product, nor are the needed special Foodsaver bags as inexpensive as regular food storage bags. That said, the Foodsaver has saved us lots of money in the past 3 months.

How does the Foodsaver save you money? It makes your food last much longer, which in turn means less thrown out spoiled food. For true foodies this is a huge boon. For instance, right now I have no less than eight different varieties of cheese in my fridge, I'm ready for just about any recipe I want to make. I could have never afforded to do this pre-Foodsaver. We could never eat that much cheese before it spoiled.

Cheese is just the beginning. The Foodsaver gives all your food drastically longer shelf lives, whether the food in question is stored in the refrigerator, freezer or at room temperature. The Foodsaver is not a substitute for refrigeration, foods that need refrigeration without the Foodsaver need refrigerating with the Foodsaver. But they will last much longer.

The patented Foodsaver bags can go from freezer to boiling water. You can also get Foodsaver Canisters and a Foodsaver Bottle Stopper, making this a highly versatile countertop appliance.

Besides storing ingredients, the Foodsaver is also a great way to store leftovers. I regularly use my Foodsaver to store chili, soups, stews and pastas. All these dishes go from the freezer to a pot of boiling water to reheat (or you could remove from the bag and use your oven). Cook once, store the leftovers and you'll have a freezer full of ultra quick, effortless meals at your disposal.

The Foodsaver is relatively quick and easy to use, but may take a little getting used to. For instance, in order to create a vacuum seal the edges of the bag must be COMPLETELY clean and grease free. The machine is sensitive, sometimes it just won't seal until you get a fresh, clean bag. Most times, however, you can reseal the same bag (handy for frequently used items like cheese). The sealing process takes seconds.

The Foodsaver is a worthwhile appliance that lets everyone (even singles and couples) take advantage of the savings offered by buying in bulk. Your grocery dollars will stretch farther as you'll actually be able to use everything you buy. While we reviewed one of Tilia's high-end models be aware they have a full line of products ranging from $79.00 to $274.00 to suit a variety of consumer preferences, needs and budgets.

Check out these statistics compiled by Dr. George K. York of the University of California at Davis' Department of Food Science and technology.

Food Without Foodsaver With Foodsaver
Frozen Fish 6 months 2 years
Frozen Cuts of Meat 6 months 2-3 years
Frozen Ground Meat 4 months 1 year
Refrigerated Fresh Strawberries, Raspberries or Blackberries 1-3 days 1 week
Refrigerated Cranberries, Huckleberries or Blueberries 3-6 days 2 weeks
Refrigerated Cheese 1-2 weeks 4-8 months
Cookies and Crackers 1-2 weeks 3-6 weeks
Flour, Sugar, Rice 6 months 1-2 years
Refrigerated Lettuce 3-6 days 2 weeks
Nuts 6 months 2 years
Oils 5-6 months 1 - 1 1/2 years
Wine 1-3 weeks 2-4 months
Coffee Beans 3 months 1 year
Ground Coffee 1 month 5-6 months