Mastering Barbecue

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Cookbook review of Mastering Barbecue -- Tons of Recipes Great Tips Neat Techniques and Indispensable Know-How, plus free sample barbecue recipes.
This book belongs in the library of anyone who cooks outdoors - from occasional weekend griller, to serious smokers and barbecuers. The author put in exhaustive research to produce a comprehensive guide to outdoor cooking - grilling, smoking, and the American classic slow cooked barbecue. 

Beginners will all the basics, and we mean ALL, from choosing equipment, to how to light a fire, to food safety. Intermediate outdoor cooks will increase their knowledge and expertise, taking things up a level or two. Even barbecue pros will learn new tricks and techniques to further finesse their barbecued dishes.

Just about any question you could think of, related to barbecue, is answered in these pages. The author presents the huge quantity of information in a straight forward manner and the facts you need are so well organized, they're always easy to find when you need them.

In addition to all the instructional information, there are nearly 300 recipes for spice blends and rubs, sauces and mops, marinades, and all kinds of grilled, smoked and barbecued foods.

Chapters include:

Good Stuff to Know:
Standard Stand-bys (common ingredients); Standard Stand-Ins (substitutions); Measurement Equivalents; Can You Take the Heat?; What's What' Cooking methods; Regional barbecue Styles; What Do You Need?; Grill Types; Barbecue and Grilling Tips; A Few Things You'll Need; A Few More Things You'll Be Glad You Have; 'Q Terminology; Using Your New Grill for the First Time; Lighting A Wood or Charcoal grill; Lighting a Gas Fired Grill; How Hot is Hot?; measuring Temperatures; Food Prep; Clean Up; Maintenance; Brining Meats and Seafood; Brining Tips; Brine Recipes; The Right Time and Temperature; Grilling Times for meats and Seafood; Neither Too Much Smoke, Nor Too Little; Which Wood Would be Best; Smoking Times for Meats and Seafood; Food Handling - Better Safe Than Sorry; Barbecue Style - Low and Slow. 

Rubs, Spices and Seasonings: Rub Tips; Rub Recipes.

Marinades, Mops, and Bastes:
Marinating Times for Meats and Seafood; Marinating and Mopping Tips; Marinade and Mop Recipes.
Sauces Sweet, Sour, and Spicy: Sauce Tips; Flavor, heat and Feel; Sauces by Region; Sauce Recipes.

Beef - Steaks, Briskets and Roasts: Appearance; Grades; Storage; Rubs and Marinades for Beef; Brisket A - Z; How Much Beef?; Beef Recipes.

Poultry - Chicken, Duck, and Turkey:
Poultry Preparation basics; Cooking for a Crowd; Smoking Poultry; Poultry Recipes; Using a Deep Fryer; More Recipes.

Pork - Chops, Loins, and Butts:
Prime Pork; How Much Pork?; The Perfect Butt; Pork Chops, Tenderloins, and Roasts; Pit Roasting (Pig Pickin'); Western North Carolina Barbecue; Pork Recipes.
Ribs, Racks and Slabs: What's the Difference?; Great Ribs - Every Time; Rib Recipes.

Seafood - Fish, Shellfish, and Crustaceans: Confused About Fish?; Stymied by Shellfish?; Preparing Seafood; Seafood Recipes.

Vegetables - Grilled, Smoked, and Roasted:
Veggie Recipes; Guide for Grilling Vegetables.

Sample Recipes -- Check This Book Out!

See the Related Recipes section below for free sample authentic barbecue recipes from this book.