Low-Carb Smoothies

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Book review of Low Carb Smoothies -- More Than 50 Fabulous Recipes the Whole Family Will Love bu Dana Carpender, plus free sample low carb smoothie recipes.
Smoothies have appeared to take the world by storm, and no wonder, they're tasty, quick to fix and nutritious. They can also be loaded with calories and especially carbohydrates, making them off limits on most low carb diets.

In this book, best selling low carb cookbook author Dana Carpender tackles the challenge of cutting the carbs in smoothies while still keeping the resulting recipes delicious and refreshing. She does a good job in that these recipes are delicious, however many of the recipes have more carbs than most people trying to lose weight will want. Still 10-15 carb grams is a lot easier to take than the 40-60 carb grams a regular smoothie can pack. If you're on the maintenance phase of a low carb lifestyle, you're bound to love these creative potables. And there are some recipes that weigh in at a very modest 2-6 usable carb grams, so even those on induction will find a few smoothies they can plan into their diets.

Beyond the recipes, this is a beautifully produced book with a gorgeous full color photograph of each and every recipe. So dust off your blender and whip up something frothy, delicious and low carb.

Sample Recipes -- Check This Book Out!
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