Holiday Eggs

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Book review of Holiday Eggs, a book that combines food, crafts and more, all related to the incredible, edible egg.
As the egg board's ad proclaims, the egg may be incredible and edible, but Georgeanne Brennan proves eggs are also decorative. Part cookbook, part decorating/craft book, Holiday Eggs will get you through Easter in grand style, from decorating colored eggs both simple and spectacular. But this is by no means an Easter book alone, it's filled with delicious egg recipes you'll use all year round and delightful egg crafts for kids and adults to brighten any home. The gorgeous full-color photos are sure to inspire you to actually get into the kitchen and start cooking or break out the hot glue gun and start crafting.

In addition to egg basics like storage, safety and cooking techniques, chapters include:

  • Whole Eggs -- Recipes using whole eggs that remain intact in their final presentation. You'll get classics like huevos rancheros, and scotch eggs, as well as Georgeanne's nouvelle take on classics like deviled eggs and eggs benedict, as well as creative dishes like frisee salad with poached eggs and quail eggs with caviar.
  • Tabletop Eggs - A collection of table decorations and centerpieces using eggs, including eggshell vases, egg napkin rings and the flowering Easter basket centerpiece. Egg Scrambles and Sauces - This chapters features recipes you'll use again and again, like Artichoke Frittata, Pad Thai noodles, various omelettes and more.
  • Eggs for Kids - Features clever egg crafts for kids, Easter basket making ideas and egg coloring techniques.
  • Fillings Wraps & Custards - If you can stuff it, it's in this chapter - you'll find sandwich, quiche, crepe and pie recipes.
  • Decorative Eggs - Here you'll find lots of clever crafts - egg shell candles, egg gift boxes, Easter egg cookie tree and even directions for making elaborate Ukrainian Pysanky eggs. (Note: While the photos are beautiful in this book, I do wish there were more "How-to" step photos, especially for the Pysanky eggs - don't expect details.)
  • Airy Eggs - This chapter illustrates what eggs do best - make light, elegant dishes like souffles, Saboyan, meringues and more.