The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment

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Book review of The Veggie Queen -- Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment, plus free sample vegetable recipe from author Jill Nussinow.
Only 25% of Americans eat five daily servings of fruit and vegetables a day, and even they're not doing all that well - the USDA has recently increased their recommendations to five to nine servings per day.

Jill Nussinow to the rescue! This registered dietician and food writer (you might have seen her articles and recipes in Vegetarian Times and Cooking Light) has created a handy book, filled with over 100 delicious healthy vegetable recipes, categorized by season.

Take it with you to the farmer's market, buy the best produce in season, and start looking forward to eating your veggies. If you experiment with the recipes in this book, you're also bound to discover some new favorite foods.

In addition to the seasonal chapters, you'll also get recipes for veggies that are in season year round. Another extensive chapter covers pressure cooking - a quick way of cooking veggies while retaining most of their health enhancing attributes. After learning the hows and whys of pressure cooking, Jill also shares an impressive collection of favorite veggie pressure cooker recipes.

All in all, you'll find many creative ways to put your produce to tasty use. All recipes are vegetarian/vegan.

Sample Recipes -- Check This Book Out
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