Grill Power: Everything You Need to Know to Make Delicious, Healthy Meals With Your Indoor Electric Grill

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Cookbook review for Grill Power

As summer winds down to a close, and fall approaches, outdoor cooking enthusiasts must say good-bye to their grills for the winter. Or do they? Not according to Holly Rudin-Braschi, professional cooking instructor, certified health, fitness and nutrition lecturer. Holly tells us all about the different types of indoor electric grills, how to use them to their fullest, and provides hundreds of marvelous recipes in her delicious book, Grill Power: Everything you need to know to make delicious, healthy meals on your Indoor Electric Grill.

Holly not only provides tasty and successful recipes in this great book, but takes you step by step through the different types of indoor electric grills available on the market, how to choose the right one for you, and how to make the most of the grill you have collecting dust in your cabinet.

You'll find tasty recipes that include the simplest of hamburgers to the more elegant dishes such as American Apricot Sauced Poultry with Grilled Asparagus. You'll find an array of international recipes, recipes for sauces, side salads, and complete menu ideas for cooking on your indoor grill year round.

Holly also includes tons of humorous and helpful cooking hints and tips, ideas for getting your kids to eat healthier, and even has a section for vegetarian grill cooking. The recipes are easy to read, each recipe includes nutritional information, preparation and cooking times, and even substitutions for certain ingredients. This book is perfect not only for the outdoor cooking enthusiast, but for anyone who enjoys the taste of grilled foods year round.