Dressed to Grill: Savvy Recipes for Girls Who Play with Fire

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Book review of Dressed to Grill: Savvy Recipes for Girls Who Play with Fire.
"You Grill Girl!"

Prior to the release of this book, grilling and barbecuing have been more in the macho realm, but this book gives outdoor women cooks their due. If you don't already know how to grill, don't worry, after browsing these pages, you'll be ready to grill with the big boys.

This fun, whimsical book (that would make a wonderful gift for any woman who loves outdoor cooking and entertaining), starts with a tutorial on grilling's "cool tools and hot techniques," that imparts the basics and beyond. Recipes for great grilled foods along with beverages (spiked and virgin), side dishes and desserts follow the instructions.

Everything is presented in a feminine "just girlfriends having a good time" sort of way. For instance a recipe for mustard marinade reads: "think of this as a mud bath for your favorite grill foods."

But don't let the humor fool you, this book has substance with lots of great recipes and practical cooking and entertaining tips. The following chapter list will give you more of an idea of the contents and tone of this fun book:

  • The Year of Grilling Dangerously: Cool Tools and Hot Techniques
  • Spice Girls: Marinades, rubs and Pastes
  • The Light Stuff: Grilling the Low Fat Way
  • Body Work: Showing Off the Best Parts (chicken breasts, legs of lamb, baby back ribs, etc.)
  • Dishes of Desire: Le Hot Date (dishes to impress, like "Better Than His Mom's Mashed Potatoes")
  • Bonfire of the Miseries: Welcome Back to Bachelorettehood (a party with girlfriends to "rake the bozo over the coals," with recipes like "Jerk Chicken with Grilled Bananas" and Chauvinist Pig")
  • Sassy Sides
  • Desperately Seeking Sugar (Desserts)
  • Liquid Assets (drinks)
  • Move Over Martha: Entertaining Without Stenciling Your Napkins