Retro Diner: Comfort Food from the American Roadside (Retro)

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Book review of Retro Diner -- Comfort Food from America's Roadside, plus free sample diner recipes.
If you're a fan of classic American comfort food - like the kind served throughout the history of roadside America, at classic diners, this is an awesome book. I can't think of a more quintessentially American cookbook, as this volume contains a comprehensive collection of classic fare that the country was raised on - meatloaf, fried chicken, burgers, pies, breakfasts and much, much more.

The book, like all the books in Collector's Press "Retro" series, is designed in classic 50s retro style with full color artwork and photographs of classic American roadside diners - the kind that look like streamline train cars - and lots of tempting foods served in classic retro diner style.

Some of the recipes are from actual diners, others typify the kind of hearty fare served at these types of establishments. Chapters include: Rise N' Shine (breakfast recipes); Soups; Sweet Stuff from the Counter; Salads and More; Sandwiches at the Counter; Hot off the Grill; and Blue Plate Specials.

Like all the books in this series, it makes a great gift for nostalgia buffs and retro food enthusiasts. The quality of recipes in this book also assures that it will actually see some kitchen action and you and your friends and family will enjoy memorable American fare.

Sample Recipes:
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