Food Festivals of Texas

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Book review of Food Festivals of Texas, plus free sample Texas food festival recipes.
Fabulous Foods' contributing editor Bob Carter welcomes the newest addition to his "Food Festivals" books with Food Festivals of Texas - Traveler's Guide & Cookbook. Those familiar with Bob's previous two tomes - Food Festivals of Northern and Southern California know that they'll find a fun guide, jam packed with tasty travels and mouth watering recipes.

What folks may not realize is that Food Festivals of Texas contains much more than barbecue and chili recipes, although there are plenty of these as well. Being an ethnic melting pot, Texas is also the home of some world class ethnic food, especially Mexican and German.

In addition to ethnic foods, the festivals contained in the book represent a wide variety of culinary tastes and interests from apple pancakes to yam pie. Wine, food, music and merriment abound, so this books makes a welcome traveling companion for anyone living in or traveling through the Lone Star state. It's also a wonderful cookbook anytime, anywhere, with recipes for foods as diverse as Norwegian Goulash to Grilled Jalapeno cheeseburgers to Peanut Butter Pie (and everything in between). Forty seven festivals are covered in details with an extensive list of additional festivals for those who are even more ambitious. You'll find a festival calendar for travel planning as well as Texas regional highlights.

Sample Recipes:
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